2010 Dolcetto: Perfect for Pizza

Pizza & Dolcetto from Palmina

Dolcetto: the friendly, “drink me now” wine, filled with laughter and good times…perfect for a pizza party! This has always been a wine to consume early, with friends and food. Which is exactly what we do each year when it’s ready for release. And it pairs perfectly with Steve’s wood-burning oven grilled pizzas.

Palmina 2010 Dolcetto

In Italy, it has always been the wine planted and made to enjoy while the Nebbiolos were being coaxed into greatness. Dolcetto, whose cheerful name translates as “little sweet one” is a charming wine that is balanced, fruitful, structured and delightful with so many foods.

Pizza & Dolcetto from Palmina

It’s a wine for Wednesday spaghetti or Friday night Pizza. A picnic wine, a barbecue wine and on a hot summer day, a red wine that can be chilled for an enchanting aperitif. Don’t let the “sweet little one” deceive you, though. 2010 Dolcetto is soft and approachable; it is artfully made, bone-dry and will continue to gain complexity in bottle in the unlikely case it is not immediately consumed!

Pizza & Dolcetto from Palmina

As we saw at this year’s Dolcetto pizza party shown above, tasting through multiple vintages of Palmina Dolcetto, this grape has enough tannins and acid to age very well. Ah Dolcetto…how we love you.



About palminawines

Palmina is all about a philosophy. A philosophy that brings people back to the table to sustain themselves with good wine and food, conversation and a small respite from the hustle and bustle of today’s world. We believe that our part in this philosophy is to craft wines that are a key part of that equation; to provide wines that can be enjoyed everyday, and that complement and enhance a wide range of food styles.
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