A Mixologist in our Midst

If you’ve noticed our recent Aperitivi nights, you’ve seen some gorgeous concoctions being poured in the Palmina tasting room in Lompoc on Thursdays and Fridays. In Italy, aperitivi are an important part of an evening’s events; they are meant to tickle the taste buds and prepare you for the main meal to come later.

aperitivi at Palmina Winery in Lompoc

This summer, Chelsea is creating fresh new white wine cocktails to combine the worlds of summer wine cocktails and new Italian friends, or amici. Using our white wine on tap, Tavola Bianco, she’s created some refreshing concoctions with an Italian twist.

A typical aperitivi night may introduce you to:

Chiara: A subtle beauty with a classic elegance. She tempts the palate with dancing flavors of fresh lavender and peach. Most enticing and perky when served chilled, she is light and approachable with a balance that is friendly and inviting. She advocates long walks on the beach with her jugs in hand or relaxing picnics in the park where her keg can be tapped and enjoyed by all to the very last drop.

aperitivi at Palmina Winery in Lompoc

Marco: The flavorful favorite amongst local ladies and exceedingly popular with the hipsters, Marco is sophisticated, enigmatic and complex. He seduces you with his confident composure showing hints of lemon, rosemary and green apple. He further excites your palate with sensational tinges of rosebuds and a creamy finish that is teasingly addictive.

Omar: Ridiculously romantic and easily the most seductive of the Amici lineup, Omar is best enjoyed between the sheets. His gorgeous color and silky complexity allow him to go down all too smooth. Lustrous raspberry and lemon touches guide their way toward his soft, yet firm rose petal and blood orange finish. With Omar, one bottle is never enough to satiate the palate and a growler or two is best to keep on hand in case of emergencies.

Vivianne: This tasty lady is best described as a stone cold fox. She reels you in with her rich and intense color and thrills your senses with tender notes of blood orange and rose. She finishes in the most lively of ways with a blackberry and citrus kick that makes her a perfect match for any man and a perfect partner for every woman.

aperitivi at Palmina Winery in Lompoc

Fabio: Fragrant, fruity and flaming hot, this hunky Italian was meant for your mouth. Fabio is the perfect way to start your day in lieu of the traditional bloody mary or mimosa. Cayenne pepper, fresh peaches, tomato juice and blood orange with a splash of honey along with a creamy finish always leaves you wanting more.

Good amici are good to have. Come in and see us for aperitivi Thurs & Fri from 4 – 7!

aperitivi at Palmina Winery in Lompoc
Photos by http://SundialWine.com/.


About palminawines

Palmina is all about a philosophy. A philosophy that brings people back to the table to sustain themselves with good wine and food, conversation and a small respite from the hustle and bustle of today’s world. We believe that our part in this philosophy is to craft wines that are a key part of that equation; to provide wines that can be enjoyed everyday, and that complement and enhance a wide range of food styles.
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